Everything You Need to Know About Maid of Honor Duties

Being asked to be the maid of honor in someone’s wedding is, as the name suggests, quite an honor as it is definitely one of the most important roles of the entire event. As maid, businesshonors or matron if you yourself are already married, of honor you will be rather busy both before and during the wedding to ensure the day goes smoothly for both the bride and groom.

Before the Wedding

In general, the maid of honor is at the helm when it comes to directing the bridesmaids while providing a strong shoulder for the bride-to-be should she need support during all of the many preparations. Before the wedding there will be countless details to keep track of, and the most supportive maid of honor will always be there to lend a sympathetic ear when things aren’t going as smoothly as they should. hi5biz

You may be asked to attend bridal shows and fairs as well as cake shopping excursions, or to assist your friend or relative with finding a location for the wedding. You should always go along when shopping for the bride’s gown as well as the dresses for you and the bridesmaids. Do make sure to shop early to allow time for ordering and alterations.

Offering to help with ordering decorations, flowers, or choosing caterers is a nice gesture as well as helping with seating arrangements for the reception. The busy bride may also need another pair of hands for addressing and assembling the wedding invitations.

You will plan and host the bridal shower as well as the bachelorette party. You should also attend the rehearsal dinner and be prepared to lend a helping hand if needed. classyweb

Creating a checklist of important things to remember during the planning process will certainly make your life as well as the bride’s life a lot easier.

And, when the big day has arrived, the maid of honor should help the anxious bride-to-be into her dress and assist with her hair and makeup if needed. Just before the ceremony she may need some privacy or a few moments of quiet time so be sure to see to it that she gets it and that alternativehealthdirectory her nerves are as calm as possible.

During the Ceremony and Reception

First, make sure the bride arrives at the ceremony location on time and prepared, helping her with her veil or train and making sure her dress stays clean. While the couple is exchanging vows, the maid of honor should be holding the bride’s bouquet and checking to see that her dress is neatly in place when moving around the altar.

At the reception, besides dancing with the best man and circulating amongst the guests, you should make sure the bride has something to eat. Either prepare a plate for her or ask the venue’s staff to keep a plate warm in the kitchen for when she’s ready. For more info please visit here:-https://www.webtriber.com/ https://www.blegg.biz/ https://www.directoryvilla.org/

After the best man’s toast the maid of honor may want to say a few words herself. While this is a nice touch, it is an optional one. And if the newlyweds will be leaving for their honeymoon after the ceremony, help the bride change into her outfit while making sure she has everything she needs for the trip.


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