Rare and Hard to Find Old Movies – Great Ways to Find Them

There’s nothing better than sliding a great old movie in your DVD player and settling back for an evening at the movies. The problems is that so many of these cleanupguys movies are rare and hard to find. In fact you better not throw away your VCR just yet, because some of these old films will never be released on DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

There are many places you can go to look for rare, hard to find old movies. One of the best is to contact any old film enthusiast groups in your city. Thanks to the Internet, tossncook it’s easier than ever to find them. Almost every major city has at least one such group, usually several. Many times these groups are by defined either genre, such as “horror movies” or “Old Westerns”, zmiiv or around a certain actor or director. Think John Ford or the other John, “The Duke” himself, John Wayne.

Another great place to look for old movies is at any video stores that either specialize in such old films, or stores that have been around for a long time. Get to know the owner hoodpay on a first name basis. They can be one of your best friends when it comes to finding such old films.

They are a dying breed, but in many cities there are still independent video stores with huge back catalogs of VHS or gasp! Beta titles in their back rooms. In some cases the store owners can be talked out of some fantastic and hard to find titles for a relative song. You stand a much better chance of this if you know the store’s owner well.

You can post an ad in your local paper or free ad flyer, such as the Nickel, but try to get a bit more creative. See if there is a theater in your city that shows rnkhabri old movies. If you’re an old movie enthusiast, chances are you’ve probably already been there. These are a treasure trove when it comes to unearthing rare and hard to find old movies. Getting to know the owner and staff, many of which are old movie buffs themselves, is a great idea, just as with video stores.

Many cinemas that specialize in showing old and vintage movies will have a place where you can post notices. Craft a notice and put it on their board. That is the perfect place to find someone with an old movie collection that has a few titles you’ve been searching for. They may be Rare movies on DVD convinced to part with some if you ask nicely, and they need a few bucks.

Finally, you can take the tried and true way to find old and rare movies; go sailing – yard sailing, that is. Yard and garage sales often reveal a wealth of old and rare movies you can get for only a few dollars. It may take time, so for those of you who would rather spend your time watching old movies than looking for them, this may not be the best choice, but rest assured you will find some great, old titles this way.


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