Sci-Fi – Psychological Or Action?

Remember that scene from Toy Story, when the kid got Buzz Lightyear (of Star Command) and started to ignore his old pal, Woody, the cowboy? Well western movies are somewhat a thing of the past – not like you see many Rio Bravos or High Noons these days. What you do see, more often than not, hoodpay are Science Fiction movies. There’s a couple of those a year, more if you count the ones that take place in the not so distant future. And let’s face it, what other film genre allows for such use of the imagination (except fantasy)? What separates many of these movies is not the category it falls under, redribbonlive be it post-apocalyptic, alien invasion, or deep space horror, but the way the idea is approached. And there are only two types of Sci-Fi movies once you get to the core of it: the psychological and the adventure/action. Now, while action Sci-Fi has been known to be quite popular, let’s look at how different movies can form from the same basic idea.

Sunshine vs. The Core
The Idea: A cosmic body is dying and ristomanager human kind is dying with it. A mission to save the world ensues.

The Action: Planet Earth is dying in The Core, due to some really bad geology. Aaron Eckhart lead a crack team of military personnel and scientists to restart the core with a nuclear device so no more pigeons will die. The Core doesn’t just leave science at the door, MATRIX CRACK it keeps taunting it for not being able to get in for the whole length of the movie. It focuses on special effects, action and Hilary Swank.

The Psychological: Apparently, a Q-ball has drifted into the Sun and it is dying. A crack team of military personnel and scientists are assembled to deliver a payload into the sun, restarting the dying star. And as difficult to digest as some of the scenes are, the movie had a CERN physicist as an adviser. Hey! a human being can actually survive exposure to the vacuum of space for quite a few seconds, though it is uncomfortable. The film focuses on the crew and the issues that arise due to the stress of the mission, the fascination with the Sun and the claustrophobia that comes with being in a spaceship for more than a year.

Result: In a battle of a half burnt man and Aaron Eckhart in the observation room of the Icarus II, the latter is directly exposed to the Sun’s brightness, airport taxi turning him into Two-face

Solaris vs. Event Horizon
The idea: A supernatural presence gives the crew of a ship hallucinations and confronts them with aspects of their psyche they need to face. Both in the presence of an imposing cosmic body: Jupiter for Event Horizon and the planet Solaris for likewise titled movie.

The Action: Event Horizon had Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne investigating a spaceship that had disappeared 7 years ago. The rescuers experience hallucinations of their fears and regrets as they come to realize there is a presence aboard the ship. It’s basically ghosts in space. The classic haunted house but with a spaceship instead. Decent acting makes this more than just your usual horror in space, but it ultimately abandons insight for explosions and fist-fights.

The Psychological: Solaris (whichever you prefer, the Tarkovsky or the Soderbergh) sees a man named Kelvin (Kris in the original, Chris in the 2002 version) arrive on a research station orbiting a bizarre planet. Here the crew is haunted by the manifestations of their memories. The movies use the Science Fiction more as setting and ignition for what is ultimately an exploration of human mind and emotion. The original movie is a classic, and his love for it prompted Soderbergh to introduce a lesser(though still above average) version to new audiences (sarcasm included).

Result: Solaris (the entity) draws the Lewis and Clark(the spaceship from Event Horizon) in its gravitational field and gobbles it up.

Moon vs. The Island
The idea: It’s all about cloning, whether for lonely space labor or organ harvesting. And in both cases clones realize they’re clones (seems to affect them quite a bit, wonder why Star Wars clones never cared about it).

The Action: Well it’s Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson on the run with Michael Bay at the helm. Need I say more? Well, their organs are meant for the unscrupulous rich Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson and they don’t like it, so they run in search of a normal life. It’s got action, ร้านลูกโป่ง explosion, chases, special effects, shout-outs and the thought provoking stuff only lasts for seconds…wait! I can sum it up in two words: Michael Bay.

The Psychological: Sam Rockwell mans an industrial resource mining camp on the Moon. All alone. Except for his close friend, GERTY, the computer. Upon meeting himself after a series of unfortunate events, he realizes he’s but a clone, and all the things he craves for (wife and daughter) are not his. It’s a one man show staring Rockwell, Rockwell and Rockwell that shows us the reaction of the same man at different stages in his life upon the same realization.


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