Healthy Turkish Food

When one thinks of Turkish food, some might recall last week’s drinking session finishing off with a late night greasy Kebab. That late night stop is nothing like the culinary delights that one will experience when visiting Turkey. In fact the Ottoman Empire passed laws mandating that food should be served fresh and this has been followed through to now.

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. Ingredients that are used in Turkey are fresh daily with a range of seasonal offerings as the climate is accommodating to a variety of supplies. Turkish staples include vegetables, fish and lamb with generous amounts of olive oil. The diverse climate allows Turkey to grow and produce fresh tomatoes, olives, melons, peppers, wheat, tea, etc. The surrounding seas are abundant in fish – as any boat excursion will testify. The grouper fish makes an excellent dish with a mild but distinct flavour – cross between a halibut and sea bass.

Turkish dishes include selection of mezze platters; these are quite like Spanish Tapas – including a range of hot and cold starters, either served on one or several plates. These include Spicy tomato salsa (Ezme), Carrot with Mint and garlic, yogurt, cucumber and mint (Haydari), stuffed vegetables (Dolma), sea cucumber for sale Calamari, Halumi, Tahin. And of course the pita bread does justice to hummus, and the many colourful pastes of chilli and Tapenade. Turkish mezze starters are light enough to carry the flavours through and allow room for a main dish and possibly a dessert of baklava.

Having such a rich olive oil influence on the diet, it is no wonder that Turkish natives have a low heart attack rate and that their skin is soft and supple. The freshness of the food ensures that the body is always well nourished with vitamins. Dishes served near or on the coast line, sea cucumber for sale such as Kalkan or Oludeniz are primarily based on seafood; this has been well established by scientists as the healthier choice of food.

Turkey’s surrounding crystal clear ocean water and its’ beneficial lifestyle is becoming more acknowledged – resulting in a sharp increase of the demand for Turkish property for sale. Westerners are beginning to recognise Turkey as an up and coming preference of residence. Advancement in hospitality, For more info please visit these websites:- sided with a healthy lifestyle and the affordability of property for sale in towns such as Kalkan are making Turkey the choice of both holiday and retirement destinations. The coastal towns sport amazing views over the oceans and combined with the gourmet on offer, it’s an easy choice – both for holiday and long time retirement.

The proximity of the sea ensures freshness of fish and in all the coastal towns, and hillside Kalkan villas are for sale at very affordable prices – these are half the expense of damp and tiny European dwellings.

Many restaurants will offer an al a carte menu alongside the fresh catch of the day. The fresh catch is ready for perusal and choice by weight. There can be no fresher food more affordable and enriched with essential vitamins then from a Turkish town.

A visit to Kalkan is not complete without a visit to the Moonlight Terrace & Cafe Bar; Kalamar Yolu no. 9 Kalkan – Antalya. The Moonlight Terrace offers nourishing authentic Turkish food. The owner Osman is the epitome of a gracious host. Moonlight pride themselves on being “a small family-run restaurant priding ourselves on freshly cooked and good quality traditional Turkish food. With the breathtaking views from our roof-top terrace, you will have a relaxed and great value meal”. Osman’s own mother is chef and conjures delicious authentic Turkish cuisine. Try their Biber Dolma (stuffed peppers) or perhaps the Karniyak (Aubergine fried and then stuffed with minced beef, garlic, onion, tomatoes, green pepper and spices).


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