Cruise Lines That Give Military Discounts

People enlisted in the military get discounts from most major cruise lines as a form of appreciation for the military service they perform. Some of them give cabin discounts and some even give cabins free of cost. These cruises that give military discount to people who have retired from the military require only a copy of the discharge papers but you may want to verify that as rules change over time.

Cruise lines that give military discount link the benefit to airfares and hotel stay prior to embarkation, when necessary. Check this out with your travel agent or cruise company; For more info please visit sites:- there are also other benefits that they are not allowed to disclose until you ask. Lending credence to the cliche, you don’t get if you don’t ask!

There are some cruise lines that give out military discounts for every trip you make, in other words your cabin fare is discounted every time you travel with them. Some lines give you a discount on as many cabins as you book, your cabin gets the full military discount and the other cabins you book may get the same or slightly lower discounts but are still a very good deal. Some cruise lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean do not allow discounts so the cruise line will give you the discounts in another form; shore excursion discounts, booking-a-cruise on board credits or travel insurance; one way or another you benefit from the military discount.

Military discounts apply to all military persons, active, retired or honorably discharged and the only proof you will need to produce are your discharge papers if retired or discharged. If the rates drop as they sometimes do, you get the discount credited to you. Cruise lines offer cancellation insurance at a low rate for personnel who have to cancel when called back to active duty. cruise-ship-booking

Active duty discounts are advertised by travel agencies and pertain to people serving active duty. You will need to produce your military identification card as proof to avail the discount. You can find military cruise discounts by checking with the travel office located on your military installation or direct with the cruise line. The way it works, cruise companies distribute the discounts to the various travel offices on the military bases and they in turn pass them on to the personnel who book cruises. It is always a good idea to book well in advance so as not to be disappointed. comforthottubs

Many cruise lines offer discounts directly to military personnel and even offer interest free payment plans at very low payments.

Veterans Day, pinkribbonlove Independence Day and Memorial Day are peak times in the year when America turns her eyes on the sons of the soil who risk their lives for their country. These are some of the best times to avail the military discounts offered but always check and book in advance.

Newspapers, military targeted magazines and other print media advertise these discounts so keep your eyes open and enjoy a well earned break with your military discount. pinkribbonlove


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