Digital Marketing Trend and Where It’s Going

Digital marketing has become one of the leading trends for advertisers around the world. The fact that a company can reach out to more consumers is just one benefit to the entire concept. The truth is more and more people are spending time online than listening to the radio or watching television. Practically everything is online, refer a friend making these older forms of communication close to obsolete. It is simple to broadcast any video, song or other programme on the television via an internet connection.

No matter where we look technology is pointing us towards online applications whether it is through an iPad, iPhone, Netbook, Laptop, cruise book or other device. It also means the digital marketing trend is heading us towards the online world in five ways.


  1. Brand creation and building: sundaynmagazine This is the number one thing any company will do. Your brand is your power to expand in the digital and original marketing options. Even though the advertisements might be shinier and newer the basic concept is the same in that the brand is being used to pull in consumers.
  2. Viral Video: Videos as digital marketing tools are the most important. It is hard to say what the next viral video will be since it does not have to be extraordinary, but instead something that is catching. More and more advertisers are looking for their viral video.
  3. Social Applications: Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or another online social media application they are becoming more important. Games for example are being discussed in these sites. Furthermore, it is possible to get in touch with friends via games allowing for a more social setting. Nintendo, WII, Xbox, Play Station and other consoles are on the net now, thus a way to get consumers’ attention is to use digital marketing within these games online.
  4. The mobile market is a bit different than “online” yet it still has the same concept regarding digital marketing. Videos, games, brands, etc. have to be targeted towards the mobile devices as well.
  5. Companies are also working towards GPS applications like FourSquare in which a phone user can find up to the minute information and gain coupons and discounts for broadcasting where they are. This hasn’t taken off as well as other programmes based on privacy concerns by the public, but that’s not to say the trend won’t head there in the next year.


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