Career Opportunities in Hair Dressing

With the change in the economic scenario in India and a rapidly growing middle-class with increasing levels of disposable incomes, there is a greater propensity to spend more on personal grooming and being seen as more sophisticated and fashion conscious. This opens up great career opportunities in the personal grooming sector.

Hair has always been an integral part of a personality. No wonder that hair dressing is a way of self-expression for people. Looking good is undoubtedly a great self-esteem and confidence booster, and it is a known fact that how look depends a great extent on how you dress your ‘crown’.

The realization that besides clothing and other accessories, career opportunities hair style and hair care are as important for personal grooming has certainly led to a growing demand for hair styling services. People are more willing to experiment with their hairstyles and also open to changing them. The rise in the hair dressing salons in India and demand for hair stylists is therefore not very surprising- this demand is only likely to increase further.

Here are some reasons why a career as a hair stylist offers great promise from a personal fulfillment perspective.

Constant change: Hairstyles change often; new styles come into vogue every now and then. Hairstylists get to be an important part or even be a trendsetter.

Creativity: Hair stylists have to handle different types and texture of hair on people with different facial structures, and therefore they get to be very creative.

More avenues: The current boom in the entertainment industry in India means that hair stylists are not restricted to a career in a hair salon. More and more hair stylists are required in the fashion, film and television industry, at magazines and studios. These avenues are obviously well-paying.

Test of skill: Hair styling is as much as a science as an art. Good hair dressing means competent and professional hair cutting. It needs a combination of care, control, precision, technique and a lot of artistic appreciation. The art of hair cutting also includes a balanced rhythm of line and movement. Hair cut is in fact a geometry applied to hair. A good and skilled hair stylist studies hard to understand angles, circles and lines as he/she needs to a good understanding of geometry and a great sense of proportion while selecting and giving a haircut that suits a client’s body and facial shape.


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